Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Here...

The Valcyte arrived today via FedEx. It's now sitting quietly in the cupboard. All the horrible things I've heard about them making people worse, causing cancer, bone marrow suppression, liver problems, etc... and they are just these pretty pink pills about a third larger than the oblong ibuprofen pills.

I feel nervous about the whole thing. If I don't have enterovirus along with HHV-6 then there's probably a 50/50 chance I'll have some improvement, possibly dramatic improvement.

I'm nervous about the side effects. People report a pretty strong viral die off reaction that I think get exacerbated by the drug's side effects which are similar to the die off reaction. From the various forums I'm on I've read that most people feel pretty crummy for a long, long time-months.

On the other hand the payoff could be worth it. I just wish I knew what my gut was saying.

We found out that we can actually crush the tablets ourselves but need to take precautions not to get any crushed or broken tablet pieces on the skin, in the eyes, etc... because it can cause cancer. Now that makes me feel real good about taking it internally.

It looks like I can start taking it as soon as tomorrow. All these questions come up in my mind-what if I end up getting better without taking such a risky drug? I have a strong family history of cancer-my mom, my dad (prostate and chronic lymphatic leukemia). That gets countered with the fact that I got really sick fairly quickly becoming housebound within the period of 5 months after my first symptom. Also, I've been resting, doing acupuncture (twice monthly since Sept 07), taking supplements, doing b12 shots, eating fairly well, and doing a lot of praying.

Today hasn't been a bad day. I was able to go to the bank and post office. Then I cleaned the living room and did a couple other household chores.

It's 99 degrees outside so I've been taking it easy the past 4 hours. It was hard to sleep last night it was so hot inside so I'm surprised I've done as well as I have today. I'm very grateful.

Thank you for those of you who have stopped by and made comments. It's helpful for a lot of reasons. The main one being that it helps me feel not so isolated and alone on this journey.

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