Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catching Up

I decided to write even though I'm feeling pretty sick. I want to current with this blog because it helps with tracking everything.

I started the colloidal silver on Thursday and re-started the Anti-Babesia herbs as well. I've backed off some of the supplements and will probably back off even more.

Friday, Saturday, and today I've felt pretty sick physically with flu-like symptoms including muscle aches-now with my legs, and continuing with upper back, neck, forearms; swollen, painful lymph nodes. And my shoulder is killing me. My doctor gave me vicoden which helps a little but not much. Advil doesn't even touch it. I also get intermittent nausea, weakness, some wooziness, increased sweats, fatigue, and some chills. The weird thing is the dizziness has decreased. I also have very strange mood swings.

I have an MRI scheduled for this Thursday. It's an open MRI. I'm still anxious but am doing relaxation exercises daily to prepare. I hope I don't have a panic attack or pass out. I also hope I don't have to have the contract dye-I had a weird reaction when I had it for my back. That was back when I was healthy. Who knows how my body will react now.

I'm not able to do much but I'm not as depressed about it now. I feel like I'm finally on the right path to getting some level of functionality back. I bought a book on babesia by James Shaller, MD. Reading through it was an eye opener. It's pretty clear that's one of the things going on with me. It's also good I'm finally being treated for it as it can be quite serious.

When I'm feeling better I need to explain more why I've felt so angry at my old acupuncturist. It will make more sense then. I've been seeing him this time around twice monthly since Sept, 07.

My dad went back to the ER Thursday night and got the catheter put back in. He saw a nurse practitioner Friday morning and they got referred to a different urologist thank goodness. Now they need to find out what's causing the blockage. I spoke to him Friday. He sounded good considering. It was such a relief to talk to him. I don't feel as panicked as I did. Hopefully whatever it is can be resolved without surgery. I'd rather him not have to go through that given his leukemia.

I also hope I won't have to have surgery.

I think that's it for now.

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