Friday, June 27, 2008

Hospital Again

My dad was finally admitted to the hospital after his 5th trip to the ER today. My sister is with him. I'm glad she's there. Tomorrow he'll undergo a cytoscopy to find out why he can't pee and why his bladder keeps forming blood clots.

I spoke with my other sister today to find out whether or not I need to go up. I'd like to be there but it's a 3 hour trip and my dad's wife isn't too keen on me for some reason so we would probably stay in a hotel. It's hard for me to make decisions so I'm relying on my sisters' a lot right now for information and help in this area. We'll know more after his procedure tomorrow.

I've been feeling pretty awful physically. I'm not sure if it's a herx anymore. I feel incredibly fatigued, and weak. Today while talking to my sister I felt pretty woozy. I left a message for my doctor's office to call but never heard anything. I'd like to stop the antibiotics, and herbs for a few days but don't know if that would ultimately make everything worse.

I was awakened by horrible stomach pain that I sometimes get. I know its an ulcer but it hasn't bothered me in at least a year. The strange thing is I get hiccups with it. It's a gnawing pain that wakes me up.

I made it through the MRI though. The open ones are much easier to tolerate than the closed ones. The valium, half a xanax, and lots of practice with relaxation stuff on my ipod all helped.

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