Monday, June 16, 2008

My dad is ill...Please pray for him

My sister called tonight to say that my dad was ill. I spoke to him yesterday to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He was too ill to drive down. I could tell he wasn't feel well at all. Neither one of us are able to talk when really feeling badly so it was a conversation filled with silences. We both understood though. I got off the phone with a bad feeling in my gut but shook it off thinking it was related to the whole Tim Russert thing on Friday. I kept telling myself he just has "a stomach bug."

Turns out it's something more but what it is isn't clear at this point. He both has and doesn't have symptoms of a bladder infection but last night was awakened by bad pain. My dad isn't one to complain about pain so when he talks about it you know he hurts. They went to the doctor today and saw his oncologist who ran a bunch of tests but didn't put him on any antibiotics. Just gave them a prescription for vicoden, and scheduled an MRI for Friday. Friday is too far away. Apparently the doctor doesn't want to start any antibiotics because it might interfere with the something he "needs to see on the MRI." Wha? How can antibiotics interfere with an MRI? I'm not impressed with his doctor's but I don't trust doctor's readily given what happened with my mom. My dad's wife called his doctor again this evening because my dad's pain was increasing, even with the vicoden.

My dad is in bed and can't talk because he's in so much pain. This is so unlike my dad that it frightens me. The fact that he's in bed itself is a statement of how bad he feels. It breaks my heart to think of him in that much pain and discomfort. I wish I could be there to help LuAnn out. She broke her wrist last week. They live almost 3 hours away. I wish I could be there with my dad.

It makes me more pissed off at this damn illness that it renders me so powerless to help my family. If I have to I'll take Provigil and drive up there. They are more important than anything, damn it.

If you read this and believe in prayer, please pray for him. And for all of us. We need him.

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