Monday, June 9, 2008

Physical Therapy

I made it through without fainting. The evaluation lasted an hour plus I had to wait for 30 minutes. I was worried about what would happen and it feels like a victory that I made it through. It also felt good to be involved in something other than researching how I can get better. I've always been very physically active-I did a triathlon, trained for marathons (though I never ran one), worked out at the gym 5x per week. When I was young I was outdoors all the time so it felt good to be doing something. I had an awkward moment when the physical therapist asked me if I had any illnesses. Now that's a tricky one.

I have so much compassion for people who struggle with chronic illnesses. I didn't want to admit to him that I was sick. I mentioned something about getting tested for various viruses. But then he thought I had HIV so I had to correct him and get more specific. He had a confused look on his face and rightly so-I was unclear. I eventually ended up saying I haven't been diagnosed with anything but that I might have Epstein Barr or something like that. The other challenging thing for me is that with my brain not functioning correctly I could not figure out how to copy his movements when he tried to explain and show me how to do the shoulder stretches. Luckily he was patient but he did have to actually grab my hands and arms and position them correctly. It was quite a different experience than when I had physical therapy for my back and foot.

Unfortunately he mentioned that I might have to have surgery. As we were going through the evaluation he said wow something is totally wrong! I thought to myself those have become fighting words with me so be careful! He said I might have a bad rotator cuff tear which is what I've been afraid of. I'm determined to avoid surgery. I'll do the physical therapy exercises twice a day. I just hope I remember how to do them. I have instructions with pictures but like I said my brain isn't all there.

I stopped the Minocycline today for two reasons. One is that it's having some weird mood effects on me. Yesterday the Golden Gate Bridge was looking pretty good. It's indescribable what happens. It's a weird, awful depression that isn't really depression but worse. I did some research and because the pathogen has affected my brain, the mood is part of the herx. The good news is that the Minocycline is doing something. It's like that saying the good news is the treatment worked, the bad news is the patient died. I also got my Igenex kit to be tested for Lyme Disease. I contacted the lab who told me I need to be off antibiotics for 1 week so I'll get a break. Then next Tuesday I'll talk to my doctor. I'll restart the Minocycline after the test. I'd like to tough if out if possible because it works on a lot of pathogens.

I had a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon in it. It was delicious. I can't believe how different fresh lemons are than the ones bought in a store. I also have a bag of books to enter into my store.

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wen said...

good luck with the shoulder (and all the other stuff)! e-me if you want to chat about chiro stuff for your shoulder; my wife (!)--yep we were one of the first same-sex marriages in CA--is a chiro and has helped me out a bunch with a shoulder that is so painful it used to wake me up at night etc. anyway--feel free to e-mail wen (dot) qbabe (at) gmail (dot) com.