Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Waiting...

My dad was released from the ER on Tuesday night. Preliminary results from the CT scan showed the presence of small clots? His bladder was damaged from the radiation therapy from when he had prostate cancer 17 years ago so they think it is making blood clots which blocked urine output. So he was discharged from the ER with a catheter. He was supposed to see his urologist yesterday but they never even got a returned phone call in spite of LuAnn calling them 4 times. Apparently the urologist and his oncologist were supposed to read the CT scan.

This morning the urologist called and told my dad to return to the ER. I wasn't awake when my dad left me the message this morning saying they were returning to the ER. It's now 6:30 and still no word...

In the meantime I'm trying to occupy myself with various other things to worry about. I'm herxing again with feeling weird mood swings, weakness, lightheadedness, shoulder pain has increased. My other medication arrived. I'll most likely start Armour Thyroid tomorrow. I started Colloidial Silver today. I've read some good things about it but I have to admit it's kind of strange taking silver and water. I just hope I don't end up on Oprah. If I had a choice between being blue and being healthy, I'd take blue.

I've made a couple friends from the various internet boards I'm on. It's nice to have contact with people going through the same thing. There's a lot of crazy people on those boards too-whewee.

Saw my HMO doctor yesterday. I like him as a person. He's relieved I'm seeing someone who is treating the chronic illness part. We had an honest discussion about how much he dislikes dealing with illnesses like mine because he feels helpless as a doctor. I appreciated his candor and had some empathy for him. He did feel good that he is able to help me with my shoulder. Unfortunately that means an MRI. He did a shoulder exam which hurt and said I may need surgery but he will try conservative measures first. I told him that I'm severely claustrophobic about MRI's so he'll refer me for an open MRI though they aren't all that open but better than the coffin like structures of a regular MRI.

Then he said "how about I'll give you something that will get you snowed." Snowed? "Snowed sounds good to me," I say thinking to myself good I bet he'll give me something so strong I won't even be aware I'm having an MRI. He's talking while writing the prescription, "let's see. Okay-one Valium. 10mg. That should get you pretty snowed." OMG-that won't even cut it I'm thinking but too self-conscious to say so especially if he thinks 10mg of Valium will get me "snowed." I had to take 3 Valium just to get through the MRI for my lower back. I have a high tolerance for things. Luckily I don't drink-otherwise it would be very expensive. Anyway, I'm sure he'll be fine writing another prescription for one more Valium. I think I need more than "snowed." I'm thinking I need to be "blizzarded." I think that takes 3 Valium.

I dreamt last night that I was running through some field that had ticks in them.

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