Friday, July 11, 2008

Three More Hours Til Bedtime

The stuff arrived from my doctor's office today. All $292 of it. Probiotics, methylation supplements, Argentyn 23, and A-Bab Herbs.

I started the methylation protocol. I also tried doing some research on it again but I just can't understand it. One of the online forums I'm on has a lot of people on this protocol. I posted for advice and the advice I got was to go very, very slowly-slower than what is recommended. This was after I'd already taken the days doses. I guess toxins that the body can't clear become more open. The die off from the toxins-viral, bacterial, lyme, ect...can be hard on the body so it's important to go very slowly.

It's also recommended to take the supplements prior to bedtime. I know why now.

I had lunch with both my sisters today. It was great to see and spend time with them. Plus they brought 4 boxes of books! I couldn't help myself so I opened one box and added just a few books to my little store. The only thing that totally bummed me out was that I had some handmade chocolates from coco bella for them to try but I completely forgot to give them some. I had the box on the table and everything.

The urologist has had my dad's pathology results for the past week but my dad is unable to get ahold of the doctor to get the results. This urologist is an ass (no pun intended). They have an appt on the 16th to get the results.

I have to design a table for taking my meds. It's all complicated in terms of timing. I can't drink milk within 2 hours of taking Minocycline-plus I can't lay down 30 minutes after taking it. I have to take Argentyn 23 on an empty stomach and I take that 3 times per day. I have to take probiotics twice daily but can't take them 3 hours before or after antibiotics (between the 2 antibiotics-I take them 4 times per day).

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed. I hope I don't faint.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terri!

It was SO great to see you too!! Go ahead and enjoy those chocolates yourself, o.k.? And then buy me some more when I visit again. (just kidding!) I just read your latest post - the part about the woman in the beauty parlor cracked me up. I am so glad your sense of humor is still intact - hopefully these drugs will repair and heal the rest of your body!

Love you!