Friday, August 29, 2008

I strayed from my democratic roots

I remember visiting my maternal grandparents. They were staunch democrats-Irish Catholic. They met John F. Kennedy. I always remember the letter he wrote to them thanking them for hosting some event he attended. It was hung above my the chair my grandfather always sat in.

I've been pretty disappointed with the democratic party for a lot of reasons. One of them being they always blow it and lose elections.

I was also a Hillary supporter. She has had to put up with a lot of stuff. Because I was sick and at home I watched all the news networks (until finally becoming disgusted with MSNBC because of how biased they were) so I saw all the comments that the pundits made. There was a lot of sexism. It was sickening.

Anyway, I'm going to vote democrat. Between Hillary, Bill, and Obama's speeches how could I not.

I am pleased though that there is a woman on the republican ticket for the first time in history. I like her-she seems gutsy.

I got more blood results back this week. I'll talk to my doctor about them on the 8th. My neutrophils are high. My WB have been steadily increasing. My blood glucose is at the very bottom number so I need to watch my blood sugar.

The staph infection in my toe seems to have halted in its healing. It's not 100%. When I soak it, it looks like it has an abscess but when I don't soak it, it looks like it's struggling.

When I've showered in the past 2 weeks I cover up my foot in plastic and then tape it. I'm very careful not to let the shower water get into it. Yesterday I decided to just take a shower and not worry about it. I stepped into the shower with my infected to first. And then the shower head came off. And landed smack on my big toe. It hurt-a lot. I was wishing I had vicodine last night.

I'm continuing to do my best to try and figure out how best to recover from this illness/disease-whatever it is. I'm researching and trying to get in for a second opinion. I finally got an appointment with a nationally known LLMD for 9/16. It's a lot of money for the initial consult. I'd rather be a little broke and healthy. I just need more answers.

I've been having bad dreams this week-very disturbing. Weds night I dreamt that I had a bug on me so I brushed it off. When it landed on the ground it immediately began growing. It grew as large as a big cat and it was a frightening shiny black color. It kept appearing everywhere I went and I couldn't kill it.

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