Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Catching Up

It's been a rather mixed week. I've had some okay days. For me, okay. For healthy people they would be rather yucky. At night I've had really bad dreams. Dreams that have haunted me ever since my mom died but I haven't had them like this for years.

Thursday night I kept dreaming that my mom was starting to get sick. Then I would realize she was dying. Then I'd realize she'd already died. Each realization would bring a sense of horror. I also dreamt that she was sick and dying but I coudn't find her and feared I wouldn't be able to find her in time. I'm not sure why this is happening. I dreamt about her again last night.

Tomorrow I start the babesia treatment. I'm dreading it not only because of the potential side effects but also the herxing can be just brutal emotionally and physically. I'll be on Mepron 1 teaspon twice a day and clarithromyocin 500mg twice a day. I'm hoping that I'll have an easy time of it. I'm also hoping it works.

I've been on the full simplified methylation cycle for 6 days now. I had some die off on Friday. Mostly I've been in what they call the honeymoon period where my body is feeling the positive effects of the supplements prior to the die off.

We'll see.

I love the Olympics. I love the stories about the athletes, love watching them compete and I love the idea of most of the countries in the world all competing. I'm moved to tears a lot.

I'm going to go watch some more.

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