Thursday, August 21, 2008


My toe is getting better thank goodness. I've been soaking it twice a day in warm water and epsom salts plus putting prescription strength antibiotic cream on it 3 times per day and then the 500mg of Clarithromycin (for the babesia).

Now I just have to get the cyst that is developing on the base of my toe treated once the staph infection clears up.

I received a reply on my blog from someone who has recovered from this. It was so great to read about someone actually recovering from this. It's definitely a battle.

I'm having some improvements with my current treatment:

Mepron 5ml twice a day
500mg Clarithromycin twice a day
Perque B12
Intrinsi B12/Folate 1/4 tab
Folapro 1/4 tab
General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula 1/4 tab
Phosphatidyl Serine Complex

Whey Protein Shake with rice milk, acetyl-l-carnitine, lots of fiber, and n-a-c for liver support.

I've had to stop all other supplements because they can interfere with Mepron.

I was having some kind of bad liver pain for a few days. In doing some reading I found out it could be die off, gallbladder, or liver pain from babesia as babesia can affect the liver. I had similar pain last year when I first started getting sick. The pain seems to have gone thank goodness.

I have to take Mepron with over 20grams of fat. Cod liver oil has about 15 grams per tablespoon so I've been taking it with cod liver oil with a cranberry or orange juice chaser. It's a dreadful combination. I tried p-nut butter but my mouth gets too dry.

I got an email from my sister that they found out that my dad's prostate cancer has spread to his bladder, at the very least. He'll see a bunch of doctor's next week once they arrive in Utah. He went for almost 2 years with being incorrectly diagnosed and is now suffering some pretty awful symptoms right now because of it. My heart goes out to him. I stopped in the church down the street and said some prayers for him.

I'm trying to find ways to focus on other things aside from the bad stuff going on. I'm not feeling plagued be the dizziness so I'm able to do a little more aside from lying on the couch.

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