Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doctor Visit

We drove up north today for an in person doctor visit as well as IV therapy. I was dreading the drive and how much it would wear me out.

My first question to my doctor was the narrative report to SSDI. He said he had to write that because that is the only language SSDI will understand. He believes I'll have a lot of improvement. Whew!

I had what's called a Myer's Cocktail. It's an intravenous vitamin mineral solution and it's awesome. The Myer's cocktail, developed by the late John Myers, MD of Baltimore, Maryland, consists of magnesium, calcium, each of the B vitamins and vitamin C. I think the IV had 10 grams of vitamin C in it. I also had a shot of glutathione which is important in immune system functioning.

Daphne said that as I was receiving the IV she could see the color in my face return and the dark circles under my eyes got better. It was expensive but worth it to feel relatively normal for a few hours.

I also had blood taken for an RNase L panel. I guess RNase L is an interferon with antiviral and apoptic activity. When high it indicates an active viral infection. This is the most reliable test availabe to determine if a virus is active. I have titers to HHV 6 and EBV that indicate reactivation but the testing isn't reliable. While the RNase L test won't point to what viruses are active it will indicate the need for antivirals. The test results will be available in about 3 weeks.

Dr. B believes that the lyme and babesia are now under control and that what remains is/are viruses. Treating viruses is difficult. The testing is unreliable and the antivirals available aren't great.

The lyme/babs were opportuntistic because my immune system is down. Part of the longer term treatment will be getting my immune system back in balance.

The subject of Valcyte came up. My doctor believes the virus has a strong hold on me. I mentioned I'd done a lot of research into Valcyte and heard a lot of horror stories. He said it's up to me. We will talk about it again once the test results are back.

The symptoms I've been having for the past 2 weeks are similar to ones I had last fall. I've had a return of neurological symptoms: brain fog, that weird anxiety, headaches, sweating, muscle aches. My doctor thinks that for whatever reason a virus has reactivated in the past 2 weeks.

It almost feels like that alligator game where an alligator head pops up. When you've bopped one alligator head another pops up. When the lyme was being treated the babesia symptoms popped up. Now that both of them have been treated the viruses have popped up.

My gallbladder is inflammed from all the antibiotics and I have candida overgrowth as well so I'll take Difulcan to treat the candida. I'll stop the Clarithromycin and Mepron which is kind of a relief.

We got petri dishes to test for mold. Because I have the multi susceptible gene if there is toxic mold that can defeat any treatment that's attempted.

I got the chance to ask my doctor two questions that have bothered me for awhile. One is that after I had surgery for the bone tumor (and then replaced with synthetic bone graft) I had my first taste of this awful anxiety. It was flat out-out of control anxiety on a daily basis with panic attacks. I'd never experienced anything like it until I started getting sick last year. I told my doctor about that experience and he said the bone graft material probably had a bug in it. Other people would have been able to clear the bug but because of my genotype my body responded differently.

The doctor also gave me a shot into the scar tissue where the surgery was. The scar is probably about 1.5-2 inches right in the distal tibia area. I happen to glance over just as the doctor was holding this big, long, fat needle up in the air. He injected the needle with some stuff into the scar tissue three times. That friggin hurt.

Until I get on an antiviral medication I'll continue to take Argentyn 23 (colloidal silver) and added Proboost: Thymic Protein A.

Updated Treatment:

Thymic Protein A
Argentyn 23 (continue)
Cell Therapy (cont)
Perque B12 (cont)
Phosphatydil Serine Complex (cont)
1/2 Intrinsi B12/Folate (cont)
1/2 Folapro (cont)
1 Neuro Health Vitamin (cont)

My brain is fried. I can't remember anything else.

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