Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Sense of Community

I've been moved by the offers of help from people. Daphne's best friend is flying out to help with packing and a garage sale. Her mom is going to buy a dehumidifier for the new apartment. My dad and LuAnn have generously given us a gift certificate to Ikea. My sister's have offered to help move and pack. Friend's have offered there help in packing. Vanessa was here all day late into the evening on Saturday helping to sort through stuff and lend a reality check to the questions "can I keep this one?" There's others that I can't remember right now (cognitive impairments). Renee's support through her comments on this blog. It's all very moving and makes this a bit easier to bear. Every gesture is meaningful.

Mold takes no prisoners. I'm struggling with the reality of needing to either get rid of everything or put things in storage. It's similar to when people try to figure out whether or not they have food allergies. All suspect foods get stopped only to be resumed one at a time and then watch for a response.

This is similar. The idea is to first get out of the environment by moving. Then get rid of most things. The things we want to keep we'll put in storage. After a few weeks we introduce one thing at a time to see how I react. If I react, the item finds a new home. I don't like it one bit but I feel it is necessary. The thing I've really struggled with is getting rid of the bed but the more reading I do the more I'm convinced at least intellectually that the bed needs to be put in storage. It could very well be soaked with mycotoxins.

I realize throughout all this I have developed supernose and super hearing. Well, not really but my sense of smell and sound are extremely sensitive. A neighbor came over to borrow some ice (I'll miss that about living here). She walked in and it was as if I was cooking turkey right here in the kitchen. These are both responses to mold exposure. They are also consistant with lyme too. Which brings me to an interesting point. Both mold and lyme seem to produce similar toxins in people with the sort of genotype I have.

The cholestyramine is helping. Interestingly enough I feel my worst in the morning. I've noticed that it's only after I take my second dose of CSM that I begin to come around and than am able to be more funtional.

Although we are losing just about everything I feel grateful for so many things.

Tomorrow I see a dermatologist to get a skin cancer removed. Apparently this doctor does a very thorough job at examining every part of the body to detect cancers. That's a good thing. Both my parents had multiple skin cancers. At one point it seemed that one of them was coming home with a bandaid on after another one was removed. Unfortunately has left me with too relaxed an attitude towards skin cancer. My doctor last week put a little fear in me though when he said well, it could be a "precancerous thing, or a basal cell carcinoma, or a melanoma. Regardless, it is asymmetrical, bigger than a pencil eraser, multiple colors-I want this thing off you asap." Okay. It had been on my list of things to do for a couple months.

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