Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Is She Still Sick?"

Asked my new landlord as she was in the other room talking to Daphne. I silently cringed when I heard her ask. Just as I cringed when someone commented on how many supplements I have. Nothing mean or illwill intended by either comment. It's just that I don't want to be this. Sick. And I'm a bit sensitive about certain aspects of it.

There is a lot to catch up on. I'm profoundly fatigued from the stress of the move.

But we're in. Thanks to the people who helped us. I'm deeply grateful for everyone who helped. The downstairs neighbor who was moving out the same day we were moving in remarked as he saw all the people helping us move: "It takes a Village." He had no idea of what was involved. Every single thing that entered this apartment had to be wiped down. Every book, every shoe.

I had a fabulous day on Saturday and a really good day last Friday. I was hopeful that simply getting out of the apartment would be the Fix for me (even though my doctor warned me it wouldn't be).

So. Yes. I'm still sick. I'm crashing badly from everything.

But-I'm still hopeful for some improvement with getting out of the moldy place. Two things I've noticed are I no longer get indentations in my skin when it's pressed and I seem to have lost that feeling that I have something stuck in my throat.

We've been hit by a deep cold spell though mild in comparison to the rest of the country. The heating system in this apartment leaves a lot to be desired but we are being creative in how to deal with it. I've noticed that being freezing cold takes a lot of energy out of me so I'm doing what I can to stay warm. Which means being in bed with the door closed so as not to let any of the heat out.

Yesterday while drinking my tea I could actually see my breath. And I was inside!

The good news is I've found a new internist who also happens to specialize in Infectious Diseases and HIV. He does a lot of work in the community-something that is important to me. When I called his office the person answering the phones took some informationa and said he would talk to the doctor and then get back to me. I guess this is the procedure as this doctor is quite popular. I was honest with him about my illness. I also said I wanted someone who would monitor me while I was on Valcyte. I was pleased when he called back to offer me an appointment. I see him on the 29th. I miss Dr. Kliman though-he was a pretty unique doctor quirks and all but that's part of what I liked about him.

I'm hoping this new doctor will run tests to further pinpoint what is wrong. I'm also glad that he has a lot of experience with infectious diseases and the immune system. Maybe he can help me.

The apartment is very cute. I love the view from the back porch and the bedroom window. The landlady though a bit odd is also endearing. Apparently she bought this building upon retiring and this is her baby. She has maintained it well (although I wish there was a better heating system besides two electric baseboard heaters poorly placed beneath the windows.

I love the neighborhood and am grateful to be back in a familiar place.

More later.


Anonymous said...


Is smell and other chemical sensitivities indicative of mold illness? I can smell mold and mildew immediately when entering a house or room.


cfswarrior said...

Yes-smell and other chemical sensitivities can be indicative of mold illness. However, this is one of those symptoms that can be cause by lyme as well as M.E. and some CNS viral infections.

My sensitivity to mold smells (and now unfortunately other smells) has increased since having mold illness.