Friday, January 23, 2009

CFIDS News: Myhill et al paper on Mitchondrial Dysfunction in CFS

Rich VanKonynen,PhD who is responsible for the development of a simplified methylation protocol (a relatively new treatment that came out in the past two years or so) for CFIDS thinks the following article represents a major breakthrough in understanding CFIDS.

Dr. Sarah Myhill and coauthors have just published a paper on
mitochondrial dysfunction in CFS. They found that there is mito
dysfunction in CFS, and that the degree of this dysfunction is
correlated with the degree of disability of people with CFIDS. A pdf of the paper
is available here free:

In Rich's opinion, this is a landmark development in CFS research. It
shows that the fatigue in CFS is traceable to problems in the basic
powerplants of the cells of the body. This should draw the attention
of the CFS research community to the fundamental biochemistry of
metabolism, and it should also be a powerful bulwark against the
wrongheaded view that CFS is a psychiatric disorder, which is
particularly dominant in the UK.

The next step is to figure out what is causing the mitochondria dysfunction and there are competing theories about this.

Luckily, the top CFIDS researchers in the field along with top LLMD's are meeting at least annually as part of the Sonoma Working Group to discuss issues like this.

I skimmed the paper and it just describes the problem. I have no understanding of biochemistry it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

The only problem is how do you treat this???? It's kind of like saying "well we know the reason you are paralyzed is because your neck is broken."

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Pris said...

I read that earlier today. I have a five person CFIDS support group online. We've known each other for around 8 plus years now and do everything from forward breaking news to sharing our pet's problems. This article does sound promising.

I read your above blog, too. I had dissociative reactions when the doctors tried me on several antidepressants at 1 to 2 mgs for sleep. They're freaky and with the antidepressants they didn't go away so I finally started refusing to try anymore.

I saw your other note. I'm leaving myspace because all of the poets, save three or four, that I enjoyed exchanges with have left myspace. It just felt like time. I've found a small place with about 40 good poets where I post instead now.

Know you're in my thoughts. We travel a difficult road.