Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is It The Flu or a Crash?

I'm pretty much laid out flat on my back today feeling horrible. Doing anything feels like an effort. When I feel this badly I want to figure out what it is so I can do something about it. I find myself wondering did I pick up another virus, is it because I restarted Valcyte, a crash, or what?

I'm also feeling a bit weepy because I feel so lousy.

I had a brain fog moment that I haven't had since starting to get this illness. In the Fall of 07 I was having such terrible problems with brain fog that I had to post signs all over the place reminding me to turn off the stove, water, etc....

Today I put water on the stove to make tea. Then I put on my ipod earphones on and started doing dishes. I was feeling wobbly, achey, all the flulike stuff but I wanted to get the dishes done. I'm listening to a song when suddenly I start hearing a whistle in the background. I thought to myself "that's strange, I never realized this song had that strange whistle in the background. How odd." I continued on with the dishes until the next song came on and what do you know that same whistle was in the next song too! I thought something was wrong with my ipod so I turned it off only to discover it was the tea kettle trying to alert me. :0

Sigh. I hope this virus leaves soon. I feel like I'm about five years old-if that.


Daphne said...

Sending you hugs and love, sweetie.

Laurel said...

Oops... I responded to you on my blog saying I was glad to hear you were doing better... before I read this! :( Sorry you are not doing well. Sending you lots of good, healing wishes. Hope you bounce back soon!

cfswarrior said...


lol- Overall I am doing better by maybe 10% (which doesn't sound like much but I'm very grateful for it-being able to sit for longer periods of time is a gift!). I think I caught some sort of virus which has set me back.

Thanks for the healing wishes....


Renee said...

Sending gentle hugs, Terri and prayers that this passes quickly. Sorry about the bad brain fog, I know it is scary at times and frustrating.
This too will pass!

cfswarrior said...

Thanks Renee! Thanks too for the reminder that this too shall pass. I always get a little worried that I'm getting worse when this happens.

Gentle Hugs back to you-


Anonymous said...

Oh darn - after such a great week, too!! Hopefully this will pass quickly and you'll be feeling less foggy soon. Love you!