Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was forwarded this article today regarding trolls. I thought it might be helpful in case anyone else  finds themselves in this situation. I found it quite helpful.


  1. Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with trolls yet on my blogs, though I did get a flurry of spam in Chinese characters on my book blog, until I added word verification.

    Hope you're doing well this week - how's the LDN going?


  2. Very helpful, thanks. I've not had any trouble with trolls personally, but I have seen it on forums and have heard about your own experience of course.

    Nice to be prepared.

  3. Thank you an interesting post. i have just come from a gardening friends blog where her posts have been taken and uploaded onto someone else's blog. We do live in a World with some people with odd behaviour.

  4. Good article! I'm glad you found it helpful. Just keep deleting the trolls and hopefully they'll give up and take their vitriol somewhere else. But at least now you know it's not personal.

  5. I am not much of a commenter here but i do read your posts...they are interesting and informative....

    I am sorry to hear about the trolls and must say that you are going to face more of this if you are coming across as vulnerable IN ANY WAY and that unfortunately includes illness......I had to learn to outsmart these bastards-not hard- and I went after them as brutally as they went after me, including leaving them maniac messages in comments ON MY BLOG that I knew they would read, kept stats and knew where they were, found them and announced I did, proving it....chased them off in a hurry, they don't want to be known and if you threaten, they will listen-- usually...

    In the area of plagiarism...I had many so - called "health sites" plagiarize me and give no credit back so I threaten to bring suit against them for plagiarism as it's a federal offense and put copyscape on my blog and publicized it loudly and openly.... of course, there's not much to talk about either as I don't give them much in the way of new info. sigh...

    the trolls still come and go but moderating, no anonymous commenters and deleting without talking about them helps...they hate to be ignored!

    hoping you are feeling better♥

  6. I've had a few of these post over the years. It seems to be worst on poetry crit boards, for some reason.

    Ignoring is the best tactic. If it's spam, of course I delete it. If it's particularly vitriolic, I delete it. Angry people are everywhere. If they can get you to fight, they will.