Friday, December 11, 2009

Doc In A Box

My computer went down again so I'm borrowing one but only for a little while so this will be another brief entry. It's a bit disorienting for me to be without a computer as its my only link to the outside world. Having contact with other ME/CFS patients is vital for me.

Thank you for all of your comments. They have been very helpful.

I spoke with my doctor. I'll be finding a new one. I really wish Dr. Scott and Dr. Kliman hadn't died. Anyway, this new soon to be ex doctor told me my ultrasound was normal and that I probably have a muscle strain! That's probably one of the silliest comments a doctor has made to me. I have classic gallbladder symptoms: bad pain between my shoulder blades after eating certain foods, pain that radiates to my right shoulder, some nausea, localized gallbladder pain, etc..... Maybe its me but I don't think that muscle strains cause these symptoms. She told me to take Advil and that was it. End of conversation.

I made an appointment with my ME/CFS doctor for Monday thank goodness. I'll bring up the suggestions that everyone made in my last post. I'm hoping he can order a HIDA Scan to see if my gallbladder is functioning. Something is wrong and its not a muscle strain. I know it.

I just want to get this dealt with whatever it takes so I can get on with figuring out the next step in my healing.


  1. Yeesh. Just commented on your last. I'm glad you are changing your doctor.
    I've had these self-same symptoms for years too and no-one has ever come up with a reasonable explanation. They expect me to go away and live with it.

    Low fat diet helps, but you probably know that anyway.

  2. I wonder how these Doctors can make some of these dx and say them with a straight face...I really do.

    For was swelling....turned out to be backed up lymph fluid....but the dx my then Dr. gave me ---- Gas (insert huge eye roll here).

    (((Hugs))) Terri. I hope you are able to find a good Dr.

  3. Hi Terri
    Yes, time to find a new doctor. What an idiotic/dismissive thing to say!

    My ophthalmologist, who's good in his specialty simply can't wrap his head around the fact that my eye problems started with a reaction to drops. He's treating me for dry eyes with MORE drops (different ones) I never had dry eyes before these past 2 weeks with the problem and the new drops burn. Sometimes I wonder if some doctors keep their heads where the sun don't shine.

  4. So sorry Terri that you are going through this. They never found anything wrong with mine either. I have been told that the liver can cause gall bladder to act up and so can the stomach? Clearly something is wrong. My low fat no dairy diet took care of it...just like Jo.

  5. Silly doctor- one day, they will know for themselves.

  6. Doctors. most of them don't know their @#$% from a *&@#. I really hope you can find a good one that can really help you. good luck!

  7. Did you ever have anyone suggest using Actigall/Ursodiol to keep your bile flowing when your gallbladder duct is inflamed? Many of us with CFS especially while taking abx (herxing) have had same type pain and need to use it for this reason.

  8. Ugh. Somtimes doctors can be complete idiots. I'm glad you're finding a new doctor!