Monday, December 7, 2009

Gallbladder Woes?

It is quite cold outside which means it's also cold inside. The insulation in this place is quite poor so in the Winter I'm holed up in the bedroom with a heater. It's too expensive to heat the rest of the place so when I leave the bedroom its as if I'm leaving to go outside. I have to bundle up. I'm grateful for a warm bedroom though.

Last Monday I had the procedure done on my toenails where the podiatrist removed part of the nail down to the quick and then put a solution on them that would prevent the nail from growing back. It's strange that is was almost a year to the day that I had the same procedure done. At one point the doctor was giving me a shot between my toes. It hurt. I found myself thinking "he is not giving me a shot between my toes" and "isn't that what they do to torture people?" I didn't remember it being as painful last year. The rest of the procedure was a breeze. So far they are healing nicely and I find myself feeling proud of them. At least something in my body is going right (knocking on wood).

I did crash from it and spent the rest of the week in bed. It's been only today that I've been up and about a little more.

But it seems that my gallbladder problems have worsened. I don't know for sure that it is my gallbladder. I've stopped eating anything with any fat in it for the past week and today it seems a little spasm was triggered just by drinking water so I've basically stopped eating. Thankfully I'll see a doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she'll order tests right away so I can find out for certain what is going on. I've been stressed at the prospect of possibly having to have another surgery. I keep trying to find that inner place of knowing everything will be okay but find I have all these thought of what could go wrong. I worry about the POTS, my adrenal functioning, etc....It seems that the secondary complications of having this disease never end.

I've been feeling a lot of anxiety in the early morning hours. That's when I have all the worst case scenarios play out. I'm utilizing the amygdala retraining techniques to combat them. I need to watch the video again to remind me. It does help though not a cure.

I'm grateful that some neurological symptoms I was struggling with a few weeks ago have eased up. I'm not having the vertigo feeling or the sensation that I'm on the verge of a seizure. Nor am I having the nausea thank goodness.

Now its just the gallbladder, liver, pancrea section that is really troubling me (along with my regular disease). I'm a little nervous about getting weighed tomorrow. I think I've lost maybe 25 pounds now? I know that weight gain and loss are part of this disease but I can't get my mom's words out of my head. A couple weeks before her diagnosis of stage IV cancer she remarked at having lost 26 pounds. I remember her saying "I've lost 26 pounds now! Whatever I have I'm glad I'm losing weight!" She said it with pride but I could also hear the concern in her voice. She'd been on weight watchers but the 26 pounds was lost in a very short period of time.

Has anyone had their gallbladder out or had chronic pancreatitis? Any tips or suggestions?


Kati said...

Hi CFS warrior, I had my gallbladder removed in March of this year, I didn't have stones in there but it was necrotic. I started being sick in November last year with EBV- and liver enzymes elevated. It was so painful I needed tylenol3 for a little while. Then another attack in January, then February- In March, what my dr thought was the flu or viral illness turned up to be a terrible gallbladder and I got really sick, stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks.

Here is what I have learnt:CFS and gallbladder problems are quite common. Lots of us need it out. Diet won't change anything, if only alleviate the symptoms. Better have the surgery done when you're well than when the gallbladder is inflammed- mine was terrible and I have a 6 inch scar on my belly. if it's not too inflammed, they will do it under scope (laparoscopy) and the recovery is much better.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps, and good luck!

cfswarrior said...

Thanks Katie! That is quite helpful. I've been having pain around the gallbladder area ever since I got sick. It was very mild and more of an annoyance than anythingn else. Now I'm having the whole range of gallbladder attack symptoms. They have progressed over the past week.

That's frightening that you gallbladder got necrotic. Thank goodness you got that out. I can feel that my gallbladder is inflammed when I sit or bend over it hurts.

Hopefully, if it is gallbladder stuff, that I can have it out laparascopically.

Ugh. I'll be glad when this part is over.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. It's always helpful to others with this disease have been through surgery.

I'm sorry that you have this disease. You've had it for a year now?

Kati said...

You are welcome, I am glad I can be of help-

The interesting part is usually they find stones in people with gallbladder problem, bu curiously with CFs patients often there is no stones to be found so what they look for (on ultrasound) is signs of inflammation, like wall thickening. You should also get your liver enzymes and bilirubin checked- another sign of problems, but not always there- I would suggest you ask your dr about an ultrasound- if he doesn't suggest it himself.

I have been sick for 13 months now-after my surgery, which was quite traumatic, and I had a large ovarian cyst removed at the same time, I had my first major crash, 3 weeks after being out of the hospital. I couldn't understand what was going on- I was expected back to work 6 weeks after the surgery and kept going downhill- Unfortunately the downhill part is not really over...

Best of luck with your gallbladder, and like I mentioned, better to do it when you're well than not.

P.S. I am on the most common CFS forums (phoenix rising and ME/CFS community under Kati if you want to add me as a friend.

Pris said...

I haven't had any experience in that area but did have a friend who had his out laproscopically. He struggled for a few days after, but healed quickly. For me, the anxiety of not knowing is the worse. I think our imaginations can be our worst enemies. I'm struggling with vision problems following a reaction to some drops the eye doctor gave me and can barely look at light, focus well, etc. I was in a tizzy over that imagining all sorts to things but see the doctor Thursday and am thinking now that that pain is being prolonged by a massive tmj attack from worrying about it in my sleep. will be thinking about you!

Renee said...

I have had a couple of tests for gallbladder over the years and it showed nothing. Turns out it is my stomach more than my I have little advice Terri. Good thing to have it checked out as we have other problems come up too besides CFS!
Glad the foot procedure went well and you have recovered from it~
It is cold here today too...we in the middle of our first big snow storm/blizzard here in the midwest. Makes me thankful for a warm house!
I think I have gained the weight you have lost! Hang in there, Terri...this too shall pass.

cfswarrior said...

Hi Pris-

Yes, the anxiety over not knowing is the worst part. I know what you mean about our imaginations being our worst enemy sometimes. Mine has been working overtime in the wee morning hours. I'm hoping to be able to change that pattern. It drives me crazy.

Your reaction to the eye drops sounds scary! I'm glad you'll get some answers Thursday.

I saw the doctor today who ordered an ultrasound. Luckily I'm having it tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more soon.

I'll think of you on Thursday!


cfswarrior said...

Hi Renee-

Having it be this cold makes me appreciate how much work it is for people who have snow and blizzards. As I was getting dressed to for my doctor appointment dawning layer after layer I thought to myself this is so much work!

A warm house is a good thing.

Lol about you gaining the weight I lost.

How did they determine it was stomach and not gallbladder?

I'm hoping if it is my gallbladder that something will show up and then I'll have it taken out. It would be so nice if something were straighforward.

cfswarrior said...

Hi Kati-

Your surgery sounds quite tramatic and then to have a crash and have this disease. It must be quite an adjustment for you. The downhill part will eventually stop. At least that's what I've found.

My doctor ordered an abdominal ultrasound that I'll have tomorrow. I should know by Friday whether or not its gallbladder related or not.

It's interesting that nothing tends to show for CFS patients. I wonder why that is. Thanks for that piece of information. If no gallstones show up I'll ask to see the report to see if there is any thickening.

I used to post on phoenix rising forums but haven't in quite awhile. I'll look you up!

Kati said...

CFS warrior, funny that you wil get results today and I will too after having some blood tests done this week, they noticed my cortisol was low- so off I go to the endocrinologist today to see if it's serious and where it's coming from. The fastest consultation I have ever had!!!

Hope your test results will explain your pain- nothing more frustrating than not being validated.

Hugs, Kati

Anonymous said...

I had my gallbladder out one year ago this November. I had lost a fair amount of weight, was nauseated, had the occassional pain to the right and around the sternum area, and vomitting. Grease, fats, etc made it worse but NOT eating them didn't stop the issue either. I had two tests. The first test showed no stones. The second test showed that the gallbladder was not working at all after being injected with the equivant of a meal. I could see that the bright sparkles that were supposed to be the gallbladder sending bile to the stomach were not doing there thing and so the gallbladder was not working. I had the Lap done with Propanofol (the stuff that killed Michael Jackson but is very safe in a hospital) and when I left the hotpital all the odd symtoms were gone. I had a pillow duct taped to my shirt to protect my abdomen/gallbladder area and only taking ULTRACET had NO pain or other problems at all.
I also had weird gas issues (burping, passing gas) after taking a bite of food or a tiny bit of water.
My gallbladder lap was very easy and no pain afterwards and end of lots of stupid problems. Ask for Ultracet as you do NOT need narcotics.

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