Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Endoscopy Results

I had my endoscopy this morning. I wanted to thank everyone for your comments, support, and prayers. I was nervous but also surprisingly calm and brought you all in the room with me so if any of you are feeling tired or crashed that's why....

The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. I was lightly sedated and remember the whole thing. There was one point where I felt a lot of discomfort in my throat area and I thought to myself "I'm ready for this tube to be out now."

Prior to the procedure the RN had a difficult time getting my veins to pop so she could put the IV in. She said I was very dehydrated and kindly gave me fluids. I was surprised because I drink so much water but I pee it out just as quickly so I need to figure out how to get my body to retain the water I drink.

The most troubling thing I've experienced today is a pretty bad sore throat. I'm taking throat lozenges and during the 10-15 minutes that the pain is reduced I sip on fluids. I haven't been able to eat much. Hopefully the sore throat will be better tomorrow. I'm thinking the scope must have scraped it.

The doctor found "a 2mm sessile polyp with no stigmata of recent bleeding was found in the gastric body" and "inflammation was found in the gastric antrum." He biopsied both sites but doesn't believe either one is malignant (thank goodness). His initial impression is gastritis and he wants me to take Zegerid twice a day for 8 weeks.

I've been sleeping most of the day which is where I'm heading again.  :  )

More later on this week....

Peace and Health to All-


Toni said...

This is good news, indeed. Gastritis is very treatable. I'm glad it went well but sorry about your sore throat. It must be from the scope. Rest up.

Jo said...

Well done you for getting through that so well. It must be a huge relief to you to have such a good result. I'm very happy for you :-)

Lori said...

Glad it all went well. Hope you're throat is better very soon. Take care

Renee said...

This is great news, Terri...I am glad that is over for you and things are looking so positive. Sounds like you will be able to find relief now from the stomach issues.. Yahoo!

Sue Jackson said...

So glad to hear you got through the procedure without too much trouble - I've been thinking about you a lot.

The inability to hold onto fluids is due to Orthostatic Intolerance (OI). You may actually feel better than usual for the next 24 hours (other than the sore throat) because you got IV fluids today! Dr. Bell has tried some trials of daily IV fluids as treatment - it works great but isn't very practical!

Hope you'll get some relief from your pain, now.


Dominique said...

I am so glad 'we' got that over! LOL. When you said you brought all of us in with you, I could feel my body tense up! LOL

I am really glad that you are doing better and it is over. Phew!

I hope you have a great day tomorrow and the sore throat is gone!


Pris said...

This is very good news!! the proceedure didn't give me a sore throat but stirred up my tmj since the mouth is held open by the tube. I had the same results as you..inflammation, a polyp that was fine. I'm so bad at being able to take meds that I couldn't take the ones you're on (and my husband is successfully, as well) but found a natural cure of total soft food for a week, water AFTER the meal to clear the food from the esophageal area and honey for the pain attacks. Plus staying off of acidic or spicey foots. I was amazed. I felt better in four or 5 days and was fine again within a couple of weeks.

I am just SO HAPPY for you!

Kerry said...

Terri so glad the findings were benign! I think its interesting the dehydration that accompanies CFS--and hope one day it will be scientifically understood so we can keep fluid where they need to be, which will help us function better.

You must be so glad to have the test over! Take good care, Kerry

Annie said...


I'm new to your blog but I'm glad it went well! I hope you are feeling better soon.

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Nishant said...

It must be a huge relief to you to have such a good result. I'm very happy for you
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