Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have quite a few decisions to make. The reality of my situation isn't pretty. Our realtor looked into the current market value of the house and gave a rough estimate of what its worth now. It is underwater by a significant amount. It's a bit shocking to see how far down the value of the house fell in less than 14 months. It looks like it might be either a short sale or foreclosure situation.

I don't care either way. The only thing I'm concerned with either scenario is if the bank can take what's in my savings account. I've had some money in there in case I needed surgery since insurance would only pay for 80%. It's not a lot-enough to pay for first and last months rent plus deposit, a bed, bed frame, and a few out of pocket medical expenses.

As long as I know my money is safe (its all I have left) I would go with whatever works best for my ex since she has more to lose than I do at this point.

I don't have much in the way of material possessions. I have only 2 pairs of jeans which fit me, and 4 pairs of sweats and comfy t-shirts etc...Being housebound I didn't need a big wardrobe. I'm going to sell my mom's antiques as even if I stayed here I wouldn't be able to afford a place big enough to keep them.

I've been researching medicare plans to see which plan would cover the medications I'm on. I found one which covers them all. It will cost me an additional $171-221 per month in addition to the Medicare premium I pay for original Medicare. All told I'll be spending approximately $300 for Medicare.

The premiums for Medicare in addition to my student loan (which does not qualify for disability discharge) will eat up almost half my SSDI check.

I've been redoing my budget over and over trying to find ways I can save money. If I don't have a phone, cable, or internet I can afford a little over $500 for rent. If I do include them I can afford about $400 per month towards rent.

I've been searching craigslist to see what's available in that price range. It's difficult to find. A high school friend told me about a place for $430 but the owners' smoke cigarettes and have 12 cats so that isn't a option.

Staying in this area is no longer an option for me so I'm looking at places out of state, in the desert, etc...

Although its scary to consider moving far away, that's the reality. There are no other choices at this time. Part of me doesn't mind moving away. There's too many memories here-memories of when I was healthy and so on.


Elaine said...

My heart goes out to you. Life has a mean way of getting under our skin. I can only tell you that with hope and faith, and time, things will look up again for you. One of my Mom's favorite sayings was, "this too shall pass". She experienced many hard things in her life, but worked and waited them out. I learned a lot from her!

I'm sorry about the house and the antiques. I hope you find a good home for them! I don't know where you live, but is the desert a good choice for you?

Most of my check goes to INS also. I would be hard pressed to find a place on what I get. Have you thought about "senior" housing? The units are also available to disabled individuals. At least here in OR that is true. The rent is based on income, so its quite reduced. the units are small and easy to keep up. Just an idea. Many of them are like little cottages around here. But in a community setting so there are people around.

Know that you are thought of and please take things slowly.

Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving too.

Fibromyalgia and Faith said...

Elaine is so right about senior housing. There are several places that are actually subsidized either by the government or a nonprofit agency. When it comes to the disabled and the elderly, it seems as though no one cares. Trust me, there are options- you just have to dig around because they probably don't spend much on advertising. I live in the Houston area and I know we have 55+ neighborhoods with lower rent. I'm so sorry about your home, but don't let it get you down. I know it has to be hard, though. Let us know how things turn out please!

KC said...

I'm sorry - I just saw your post about your loan not qualifying to be discharged. I guess they changed the rules when they changed the bankruptcy rules....sigh.... It doesn't seem right.

However, I would probably just stop paying them in your circumstances. What can they do? Can they attach your SS check?