Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OMG the muscle spasms!

The muscle spasms are occurring at least 1-2 times per hour. Every time I straighten my arms out or get out of bed I get either muscle spasms, muscle cramping, weakness, or just plain ole intense muscle pain.  I tried getting out of bed a little while ago and a spasm started in my left leg. Any movement makes it worse so I had my leg bent in the air because it hurt too much to try to straighten it.

I heard back from my doctor who said its lyme and/or the other infections I'm treating (cpn, mycoplasma) that are causing the spasms. My whole nervous system is responding. It makes sense to me because they have really increased this week as I ramped up the antibiotic protocol. I'll tough it out. It's just good to know what it is.

I received my Colostrum today. I ordered the flavored one thank goodness. Luckily its liquid so I don't have to worry about crushing pills. I took my first dose a few hours ago. It packs a punch. I'm already starting to experience die off-red, burning gritty eyes like I have a fever, increased muscle spasms and achiness along with a slight sore throat and swollen lymph nodes.

I need to start one of the Transfer Factor's tomorrow because its supposed to help my immune system so I'll start the one for myco at a very tiny dose (according to my doctor).

I need to go to the store and have a document notarized but I have no energy

I'll be so glad to get through whatever is going to happen with this apartment. The landlord won't take my calls nor will he return them. I still don't have a key to the door. I also need his help with letting Comcast cable gain access to two garages. They are coming out again on Saturday. This will be their 3rd trip out here but nothing's going to happen if the landlord doesn't cooperate.

I plan on starting to blog on my Jung blog a lot more now that I have access to all my books again. It's my favorite subject (?) to write about and study. It helps my Soul and helps deepen my sense of spirituality.


Elaine said...

So sorry you are having so many increased symptoms. Hope they ease up very soon. Sorry too that you are having trouble with the new landlord:( What a mess that you didn't need!

Hang in there!!!

Renee said...

So sorry you are having so much die off...herxing. NOT fun! Does heat help? Socks filled with rice and put in the microwave are good. Traumeel is good for muscle stuff too. Comes in a gel and is a natural herb. Hang in Teri....Hope the apt. stuff works out soon.

Anonymous said...

What about ribose. I wonder if that

Muscle Fatigue said...

Sorry to hear it from you. Hope you are fine right now and for the coming days. Just don't give up. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

There are Landlord Tenant laws in CA but don't know if you want the hassle.

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