Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Breathe...

Trying to multi task major things is quite challenging for someone suffering from this disease, or anyone with any sort of cognitive difficulties.

I don't know where to start except to say I need a break from all this stress but I can't until I tend to several things. I know I'm playing with fire by pushing myself like this and I'm concerned but Chelsea needs my help.

Today is her 8th birthday. Her liver disease is progressing. I've been unable to get her diarrhea under control. She is taking Flagyl which is supposed to help the diarrhea but her prescription ran out on Weds. I've been unable to find a vet willing to refill it (I have refills left on the bottle) without having to also pay for an appointment. I've spent most of the day trying to find a vet as well as some answers. A new symptom emerged for her today. When she burps (severe liver disease causes digestive issues) there is a foul odor. At first I thought someone was cooking something awful then realized it was coming from Chelsea. I know dogs with cirrhosis can have issues with bleeding so I'm worried she has a bleed in her tummy.

I was able to speak with the vet at the rescue organization we got her from. She was quite concerned and wanted me to get Chelsea up to the rescue to she could examine and treat her. This vet is the one that saved Chelsea's life 2 years ago so I trust her. The problem is it's about 90 minutes away and I can't drive anywhere near that far.

I spoke to the vet that is currently treating Chelsea who said to take Chelsea to an animal hospital. She gave me some names of vets to ask for. She also told me to NOT go to a vet hospital near me.

I spoke to a third vet who used to treat my dear, dear Katie girl who died 10 months ago. He was also concerned and suggested feeding her boiled rice, boiled chicken breast, and cottage cheese. I've never boiled chicken before and the though of it sounds gross. I'm not a meat eater and I won't even deal with meat because it grosses me out. How do you boil chicken? I'll look it up.

The one vet said to keep her on the liver disease diet or else she will go downhill but the other vet said if she's not able to digest the liver disease diet it's doing no good for her anyway so I'll get the ingredients. He said the diarrhea needs to be dealt with because that can cause her to go downhill.

It's stressful and heartbreaking. I'm doing everything I can to fight for Chelsea but I'm limited physically. For example, I'm not feeling good because of running around today but I need to go back out and get the food for Chelsea. I know she doesn't have a ton of time left and I want to make sure she has the best quality of life that she can.

I've also been applying for various types of aid such as food stamps, medication assistance from Medicare, and Medi-cal. I didn't realize that when I moved I was just over the County line which means I'm living in another County. This ended up being a good thing because I filled out applications on the computer and 2 days later I have 2 huge packets to fill out as well as get tons of documentation.

It's like writing 2 more dissertations. I also had an appointment for an eligibility interview for this Monday at 8:00 about 15 miles away. I ended up having to cancel it because I can't drive. I'm hoping they can do the interview over the phone. I need the food stamps and considered taking a cab but it would cost over $100. I need the food stamps because the amount I budgeted for food isn't going to be enough.

I have to have all the information filled out and have that and the documents to them in 8 days. I need to apply for disability transportation also.

I'm forgetting things so I'm trying to write everything down but if the notebook is in the other room I forget what I was going to do once I get into the other room.  :  )  

As the stress continues (it's been 7 months  now) my brain functioning is decreasing. I can't afford that because I have to be able to remember what I'm told when I talk to a vet, or a case worker, etc....

Physically I'm doing remarkably well considering everything but each week I can feel my functioning slipping. I can't let myself get to a point of being bedbound again but I don't know that I have any other options but to push myself so I can get everything done and get Chelsea the help she needs.

I'm at the full dose of Zith for the CPN. I'm also at the full doses of Transfer factors' and am tolerating everything really well. I wish I could take the Azithromycin everyday because I feel better when I take it.

I got lab work results today and my immune system is getting worse. I don't know why. I haven't been too concerned about it until the past couple days. I've been having chills and night sweats along with a sore throat. Thankfully the sore throat is gone today.

My red blood cells are doing something funny. It looks like I'm on the edge of being anemic. That doesn't really surprise me considering all the bleeding I was having. Knock on wood that is better. But there are other things going on with my red blood cells that I don't understand. I need to find an immunologist probably sooner than later. I don't want to risk getting another infection and having that be the one that sends me back to being bedbound.

My sleep is good but my appetite isn't.

I like where I live. Everyone is so nice. There is a pharmacy near me. Yesterday I went to pick up some medications only to find out that they accidentally gave one of my medications to someone else and it was charged to my Medicare plan. They were great about resolving the situation. It turns out that someone else has my name including the same middle name! Even though where I live now is urban it has a small town feel in that everyone is so friendly.

I sat down (or rather laid down) to write a completely different blog post but my mind went blank so I ended up with this one. I'm rambling now so I'll stop here. I'm deeply exhausted. I don't think I can go out again. I have to for Chelsea.


Renee said...

Big Big Hugs, Teri...So sorry you are going through so darn much....

ME said...

Sorry to read of your difficulties. Glad that the neighbourhood is nice. It can make a big difference in how you feel, just knowing the people around you are kind.

Pris said...

I don't know how you do it. If I had to drive somewhere to save a pet it would be impossible. Do you have any family at all who will help you??

When I had my disability interview they did do the initial one over the phone so I hope some of your stuff can be done that way.

Sending you love and hugs.