Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whatta Week

Last week was quite strange. It started off Monday with me jamming my finger into the blender blades as I was cleaning my blender. It was just the tip so it bled a lot. My first thought was 'oh, s***' now I have to go to the ER. My second was that will cost too much money. Because it's a somewhat deep puncture wound I've been soaking it twice a day in epsom salts. It was swollen and red for about 5 days.

That evening the emergency broadcast system interrupted the movie I had taped. I thought it was from a few days ago when the movie was originally taped but the date said August 6. The message said something like: "the emergency......has issued a shelter-in-place-order for the following cities....please go inside, close windows, doors, tape around cracks, turn off vents/air/etc..leading to outside air. Do not use your telephone or cell phone except to call 911". My first thought was 'I'd like to use my phone to find out wtf is going on!'

Friday I woke up feeling okay. I thought "great! the Cymbalta might be working!". I sat down with a cup of decaf and started to read an article. I was reminded of how I used to be. I looked forward to the day and new beginnings.

Two hours later I was outside waiting while Chelsea pooped. I happened to glance at her backside as she was straining and noticed some blood dropped out onto her poop. It had happened before.This is typical for dogs with advanced liver disease but the amount was alarming. As we walked home I wondered about calling the vet.

Once home I sat down at the computer to do some research. While sitting there my cat ran over to the corner of the living room and tried to pee. He was acting like he had a bladder infection. I didn't think it was urgent so I continued to research the Chelsea's issue. My cat started acting more strange and seemingly more frantic in his attempts to pee. After about 90 minutes of this I decided to call my vet who told me to bring him in NOW. The vet was concerned about a blockage in my cat's urethra.

Five hundred dollars ($500) later I find out he has cystitis caused by crystals. He'd had a partial blockage. The vet said this sort of thing can quickly escalate to a life threatening emergency so it was a good thing I was paying close attention.

Unfortunately, I had to bring him in again on Saturday. Another $100. He's on around the clock meds so I'm setting my alarm at night to give him meds. The vet said he is still at great risk for a blockage until he clears the crystals. A blockage can be fatal if not treated quickly. He said the cause is usually diet and stress.  That broke my heart.

When I woke up I could smell cat pee. My cat had peed all over the bed. When I went into the living room I found he'd peed all over the furniture, blankets, floor. He'd had sub Q fluids Friday and Saturday. Apparently, kitties with crystals often associate the pain (they feel like pieces of glass inside) from the crystals with their litter pan so will find other surfaces to 'void' onto. Thus, the pee all over. My landlord would have a fit if he walked in.

Of course, being limited in how much I can do I've cleaned some spots, thrown towels on others, and simply sprayed bleach on the comforter. I'll have to change the sheets tomorrow and remind myself to buy a waterproofed mattress pad. 

Saturday and today I've had the worst bleeding episodes ever. Scary. I considered going to the ER today-my colon has been bleeding off and on since early afternoon. If I have another episode tonight the ER is where I'll be headed. I think that stress has contributed and I'm wondering if starting Cymbalta has been a trigger somehow. I'm trying to find a local doctor who takes Medicare.

I'd say I'm feeling fairly frightened about things. I'm freaked out about money. I'm worried about Chelsea and my kitty. I'm frightened of the bleeding and worried it means I'll need surgery.

Stress just exacerbates everything so I'm restarting my relaxation exercises to calm my body down.

I'm continuing to juice daily. I miss a day or two here and there but I'm committed to it. After I juice I have a protein shake to balance out the sugar. Having organically grown veggies delivered each week is great. I love it. I tried adding fresh basil to two of my juices. It was SO good.

Things are difficult, scary, and lonely. I'm leaving no stone unturned as to what sorts of things I can steps I can take to improve things. I'm hanging in there.


Renee said...

Good grief! What you are enduring is beyond comprehension. Sending hugs to you.....

Cusp said...

Oh God....this is too much :( !

You must be feeling so lonely in all this my dear but we are here and thinking of you.


Cusp said...

Terri, I have started a virtual candle group for you xxx

me/cfs warrior said...

Thanks for the hugs Renee. I could really use them.

Cusp-thank you. I was moved (I posted in the group) to tears.

irene speaks said...

Terri, I'm so sorry that you're having such a awful time of it - a huge understatement. Although I don't get here often enough, I think of you often and send you positive thoughts and prayers (really!) Hopefully, now that I've signed on to the "followers" area, I'll be able to keep up with you..

And I think that your "Truckin' on" shows guts and I love guts !
Irene xx

Tamara Epps said...

I have just come across your blog and my thoughts are with you. I hope things are doing better now but I am going to meditate for you.

Willo said...

I have just come across your blog Warrior and am saying hello to you rather than posting a comment.
I have had ME for over 25 years but what drew me to you as well is your interest in Jung. My husband was a Jungian psychotherapist for over 20 years and through him I became very conversant with Jung's world view. We who love Jung belong to a family..the scattered church. So I am blowing you a kiss.