Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cognitive Moments

I'm going through a major bout with insomnia which has increased my cognitive deficits. Yesterday, though crashed, I had to go to the store to get a few items that I can't run out of. For example, I have a lot of difficulty with swallowing (even swallowing saliva at times has gotten tricky-its like my swallowing muscles stop working which is quite unnerving) so I have to crush all my medications and put them in either yogurt or applesauce. I was out of both.

I make it through the store by leaning on the grocery cart whenever I had a woozy moment.

I finally arrive at the checkout counter. As I'm waiting the man behind me and I start talking. Another checker comes over asking about Sherry Brandy which led to more discussion amongst us as none of us had ever heard of Sherry Brandy.

In the meantime the checker had rung up and bagged my grocery items. I walk out of the store leaning on the cart.

When I arrive at my car I'm putting the bags (3) in the trunk when I hear a woman in the background trying to catch someone's attention.

I hear her yelling "Ma'am, would you mind coming back in and paying for your groceries please?"

As I'm hearing this I'm thinking "I guess someone tried to steal some groceries! Well, they got caught!"

I turn around to return the grocery cart and I see her waving at ME! "Maam?" she says, "Would you mind returning to the store please?"

Horrified I go back into the store with her. At the same time I'm trying to suppress this giggle that I innocently walked out of the store because I forgot to pay.

It turns out she thought the man behind me and I were together so she charged my items to him. : )

I tried to joke about it with them by saying "shoot-it almost worked!" but they didn't find it as humorous as I did.

The other moment wasn't funny. I got approved for Medi-Cal. The worker contacted me and asked me for receipts and addresses about where I send my Medicare payments. I was also paying about $60 per month to stay on cobra benefits so I could still have vision and dental coverage.

I assumed it meant they would be paying the premiums as that is one of the things Medi-Cal does. So I thought I had gotten a break so I didn't pay the premiums for anything last month.

It turns out I was only approved for share of cost Medi-Cal so I ended up almost losing my Medicare Part D drug coverage. I got a letter from them saying I owed $216.

I think that worked out okay. I'll find out on Monday when I call.

I did, however, lose my dental and vision coverage because of my cognitive moment. Oh, well c'est la vie...


Renee said...

That is one advantage of Joel and I having each other's back...if i can't remember or forget something he usually remembers and double checks what I am doing..vice versa too :) Sorry you have to go it alone...not fun.

Unknown said...
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me/cfs warrior said...

Thanks Renee! It was easier to navigate the cognitive stuff when I had a partner.

It is harder alone (much harder physically) so I'm trying to find humor in the cognitive moments. : )