Friday, January 25, 2013

A Hummingbird Story (part II)

I've had hummingbirds around me ever since. It has been a source of comfort for me seeing these fragile yet strong beings.

For the past 6 weeks or so I noticed the absence of hummingbirds. I couldn't figure out what happened. I always look for them and usually hear and see them so this absence was puzzling. I missed their presence.

They are amazing creatures with rich symbolism.

Anyway, I became increasingly concerned that I wasn't seeing one. I have some major decisions to make and was looking for a sign.

I was standing in my kitchen one day and heard a hummingbird.

She was sitting on a branch of a tree just outside the window. She was hidden so I had to look for her. I grew concerned because not only was it a poisonous tree but there was a bunch of mold all over the ground along with standing water that had been there for weeks.  She would appear at that spot for a few days.

What I didn't know was she was pregnant and searching for a place to build her nest! Last weekend I took the trash out. I paused near a tree and felt and heard the whir of a hummingbird flying past me. Something about her behavior clued me in that there might be a nest near. 

And there was! Here she is feeding her babies and then sitting on the nest to warm them.

 Every day I would go outside just once to see make sure she and her babies were okay. Each time I would go look she'd sit silently nearby on a branch watching. I felt like I was being let in on this wonderful miracle of nature.  I would pray all throughout the day that they would make it.

Today I went outside to check on the nest and found it turned sideways. There were no birds. I was heartbroken. I didn't know if the wind did it or maybe they hatched and flew away.  I kept going back searching for some clue that they survived but found none.

I don't know what happened to the baby hummingbirds but I choose to believe they survived.

This afternoon I went outside and heard a hummingbird so I looked up and there was a little hummingbird flying sort of sideways. He/she was either sick or it was a new hummingbird still unsure of his/her wings.


  1. What a lovely story, I do hope they survived.

    I'm glad I have found your blog, I have just been diagnosed with M.E/CFS and Im sure through reading your experiences I can learn a lot. Thank you for sharing your stories. Have a look at my blog too if you like. Take care and keep us posted on the hummingbirds if you see any more!
    Hayley-Eszti x

  2. You have such a lovely style of writing, so touching. And fab photos! I have read a few of your blog posts before and found them comforting.
    I have set up a website for people with ME / chronic fatigue syndrome. It's a site where people can share recipes, hobbies, book clubs etc. I was wondering if you would have a look and if you liked it would you share it?


    Thank you


  3. This is a great story, and so vivdly written.

    It reminds me of the comfort I get from petting my dogs or having them sit on my lap. There's something calming about nature and the presence of animals.

    When I have the energy, I like to go for a walk to the park near my house that always has some dogs running around. I'll always make a new friend or two.

    Maybe my website could help out someone here. It's all just tips and handy info:

    - Jeff

  4. Jeff, I also have a special relationship with hummingbirds- when I see one in my backyard they remind me of my deceased mom. They are awesome. And I had a similar experience last year with a nest of house wrens who made a nest in my fern on the front porch. One set of babies made it, the the next batch disappeared overnight (probably taken by a hawk, owl or squirrel). It broke my heart. BTW, I was diagnosed with CFS in 1984 and am working as a life and wellness coach for those with the CFS/fibro/Lyme diagnosis. Here is my website:

    Blessings to you,
    Jane Springer