Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Incompetent Doctors

I've been living here 3 months now and I can say for sure that it sucks. I knew it wasn't going to be ideal and I knew the living situation I was going into wasn't going to be ideal great but I didn't expect what I got.

I love the bedroom and the acre of land, the chickens, and the fact that it gets really warm.

My roommates are not warm though. They are a couple who clearly do not want a roommate. They want the money but that's about it.

I asked about water damage and mold and was told no mold nor water damage/leaks. In fact, they own the house and one of them rebuilt it so I thought I was safe.

I'm not. As I was going down the stairs last week I could smell mold. The laundry room reeks of mold. The dishwasher smells like mold as does the kitchen sink.

And there's that dripping sound in the wall when I use the hot water. As I'm living here I can see how much the owners have neglected things that can result in water leaks.

Ever since moving here I've been trying to find a doctor and a psychiatrist. I was able to get a doctor's appointment for today. I had waited 2 months for this appointment. I did all the usual preparation.

I anticipated some skepticism regarding "cfs" but I didn't expect the hostility I was met with once I told him my diagnosis.

He hassled me on every single friggin medication I was on except for the gabapentin. He refused to fill my medications saying there is nothing wrong with me.

He said the reason my heart beats fast (POTS) is because I'm too thin. Ha!  I told him I was diagnosed when I was 40-50 pounds heavier (I'm 5'8 and weigh 119).

He proceeded to tell me that what I needed was a psychiatrist. I said great! He said but none of the psychiatrists in our system take Medicare so "here's the number to community clinics" see ya.

I told him that in all my years of being sick that I had never been hassled about my medications and illness like I was today (well the optometrist was also bad and weird about cfs) and then I did the ugly cry in spite of trying not to.  I'm not on any narcotics. He was upset that I'm on clonopin, flexeril, antibiotics, and antivirals. He said it was inappropriate and dangerous.

I told him I'm having severe back pain with sciatica going down my left leg and that I'd had back surgery in 2006 and that epidurals help. He refused to refer me for an epidural, refused to prescribe NSAIDS (told me to take Advil which I can't do for long because I have GASTRITIS).

I told him about toxic mold. He didn't believe me.

When I said I'm bedbound without the medications he sneered and said it wasn't because of any REAL illness.

I've been so isolated since moving. I thought living with people would ease that but its actually made it worse. Being pointedly avoided wears on a person's spirit.

I can't get any help in this shitty town.

So I'm bailing. I found someone who will buy my car. He said he needs to wait one more month which would have been fine but I need to leave sooner than later. A second guy is interested so I'm going to contact him on Thursday.

It's time to move on and it might be time to do something radical-like get a cargo van and convert it or an old U-haul and convert that and live a mobile lifestyle.

All I know is I can't tolerate much more of this. I have to do something differently.

Oh, the local paper had a series of articles on the higher than average rate of depression and suicides in this area along with reports of toxins in the environment.


Renee said...

Sending hugs Terri and hope for better days with doctors who understand and a safe place to live!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this article in discovery magazine about B-Cells?

Alison said...

Glad to hear you found a place, sorry to hear it's so lousy :(

It makes me SO MAD to hear about that doctor. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

I get excited thinking about the mobile lifestyle for you, if you think you can handle it. I know Joey from healclick.com built a mold proof trailer and has lived in the desert and then up in Montana in the summer. It sound wonderful. Relatively speaking, anyway.

I'm trying to get back into blogging, btw. I don't know why it's been so hard. Trying to keep it up. Hopefully something will get better for you soon.


Lee Lee said...

Oh Terri i am sooo sorry to hear this news. I had hoped that living with people would be a real boost for you. It really is 3 steps forward 2 steps back with us. Don't give up ... something good will come along.

irene speaks said...

Just wanted to give you more validation since I know how hard everything is when one's so ill. Unfortunately, I suspect that we constantly need validation b/c we have a cruddy illness(ss)which most doctors still don't believe. It's not narcissism. It's survival. Good job!

Carmen Merc said...

Sorry TERRI,RUN TO A BIG CITY and contact a doctor who knows about it,usually holistic doctors and acupunturist.I also feel sick after moving to my apartment with mold,but the owner fix it.I still feel sick ,but better.Hang in there.

Carmen Merc said...

Sorry TERRI,RUN TO A BIG CITY and contact a doctor who knows about it,usually holistic doctors and acupunturist.I also feel sick after moving to my apartment with mold,but the owner fix it.I still feel sick ,but better.Hang in there.

Sabrina Craig said...
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Sabrina Craig said...

That was too bad! I guess the doctor should have been more diplomatic on giving his advice, and tried to understand your situation more. Although judging from how you said the conversation went, there was little chance of that happening. I do hope your move was successful, and that you found a doctor that understands your medical needs.

Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney