Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And the Bills...

....came crashing in. Sheesh.  I forgot that it takes a few months for Medicare to process billing. Imagine my surprise when over $10,000 worth of medical bills arrived.  I had an ER visit, 2 consults with surgeons, an abdominal/pelvic CT scan with contrast, a regular doctor visit, more bills from the epidural I had last year and over $500 in dental bills (crown and mouth guard) plus labs that Medicare didn't pay for.

Medi-Cal helped with some but I have an almost $900 PER MONTH deductible.  Unfortunately the services all occurred in different months. In the future I'm going to schedule all medical procedures for the same month.

I'm grateful for both Medicare and Medi-Cal but I do wish they paid for more stuff.

I still have over $200 worth of medical bills on my desk and that's not including the surgery or the neurologist visit.

I have enough savings left for one more move and that's it. My mold avoidance plan is out the window now.

I had to have minor surgery last Monday and also had a consult with a neurologist.  Unfortunately I'm having some complications from the surgery but hopefully it will be easily resolved.

My weight has dropped to 117.5 pounds (I simply don't have an appetite and I get full very easily). It was even less when the surgeon's nurse weighed me. It turns out I'm almost 5'9. Luckily the neurologist noticed the weight loss (I've lost over 1/3 of my body weight in the past 3 years) and expressed his concern. I saw the neurologist for the sciatica/back pain but he ended up doing a full neurological and physical exam. He found swollen lymph nodes in my neck and cervical region.

He ordered labs to probe a bit deeper into my immune system. The neurologist has people close to him who have "cfs" so he knows how devastating it can be (his words).

I'm not worried. I think this is all "cfs" related.  I do worry about my weight only because it means I don't have any reserves in case I need it.  Also, my clothes are big on me so I need to wear belts with jeans/shorts. I have one pair of pj's that are too big for me. I don't have the money to replace anything.

I remain on the same treatment regime at the moment. It keeps me from being bedbound. Right now I'm struggling with that horrid fatigue. I'm also having a lot of heart palpitations and muscle spasms in both calves.

I used to be doing a whole lot worse before this treatment.  I was bedbound. Now I'm mostly housebound and my bad days are what my good days used to be like (if that makes sense).

Current Treatment:

Westhroid (thyroid support)
Cytozyme AD (adrenal support)
Ashwaghanda (adrenal support)

Perque Activated B12
Milk Thistle
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Valtrex 500mg BID (EBV)
Famvir 500mg AM  (EBV/HHV6)

Minocycline 100mg (c. pneumonia)
Azithromycin (250mg pulsed Mon & Thu)

Flexeril 10mg TID (muscle spasms)

Colustrum 1/2 tsp BID (Immune Support)

Gabapentin 200mg HS (sciatica)

Amantadine 5ML BID (fatigue/dopamine)

Lamictal 50mg BID (depression)

Clonopin  1mg HS (sleep/neuro)

Pindolol 2.5mg BID (POTS)

Avoiding toxins as best I can

It's a lot of meds but I need to be one them. I have tried lowering the doses several times and I start going downhill.

I don't eat dairy (except for greek yogurt). I juice daily.  I need to refigure my diet again because the latest glucose test confirmed pre-diabetes (blood sugar was 117-top of the range is 90). It was my third reading over 100.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be blogging about "cfs". I'd like to focus my energies on writing about things I love like Jung.


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At Home on the Rock... said...

Wow, Terri --- that's a lot in medical bills. I am so thankful for our universal health care here in Canada. Glad to hear your update an that you are doing some better.

acker said...

yes the quest for wellness can be more work itself