Monday, September 9, 2013


I was fiddling with the settings in my blog and forgot to change them back.

I see my ME/CFS doc tomorrow. I'm paying someone to drive me and am a tad nervous about the guy but oh well! I tried changing it but its less than 48 hours so I would be charged a cancellation fee.

Insomnia! It's been bad. I've been up since 3 a.m.  I'm not feeling all that great today because of it.

Lots of heart related issues the past 10 days starting with my house mates wedding reception where I noticed every time I laughed I could feel the strain on my heart. Like laughing was too much effort.

Saturday night I had an unsettling episode. I thought I was having a heart attack, lol.  I was suddenly overcome with anxiety, nausea, tingling in my arms, a strange unnerving back pain, and felt faint.

Because my blood sugar has been so whacky I wondered about low blood sugar so I forced myself to have some Gatorade and saltines.

I'll post a treatment update after seeing my doctor. The good thing is I get to see him in person.


Lee Lee said...

Good luck with the Dr visit. I am glad that you will be seeing him in person. It's always scary when you get the heart symptoms. I seem to go through phases every few months were I will have a week or two where i often feel like I am having a heart attack, plus the irregular beats etc. It's important to get it checked out if you can.
Let us know how it goes. x

Hayley-Eszti Szucs said...

I hope the dr visit went well, will be checking back to hear how it went. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time with the insomnia and other problems, totally relate to you I've felt like I was having a heart attack before it was not a nice experience! Lots of Love, Hayley-Eszti