Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I'm  not a photographer in any way whatsoever so excuse the beginner photo's but I wanted to do a post on things I'm grateful for.  Though life is not easy by any means I realize I don't post enough about things that bring me joy as well as things I'm grateful for. There are many and they arrive in many forms whether it be an experience, meeting new people, birds, chickens....

A couple weeks ago I dreamt I was in danger and had to leave an apartment I was living in. I was terrified (which has been an undercurrent for me since getting sick and especially since the ending of my relationship).

In my dream I realized I needed to leave the apartment. I was alone but saw that a baby was also in danger and in need of saving so I picked the baby up and left, terrified.

Once I left I realized my mom was walking beside me as I was carrying the baby. I take a lot of comfort in that image.

Although things are scary on just about every level I'm also being taken care of somehow. Last night I woke up at 3:00 a.m with severe stomach pain. I was so tired. I didn't know what to do as it was a different sort of pain than I'd had before so I laid there and prayed. I drifted off to sleep and dreamt I was at the hospital about to have a CT scan. I was relieved that finally they would figure out what was going on but woke up again in pain. This morning as I bent down to feed my cat I vomited. It was clear liquid. I'm not that worried about it. Nor am I going to try to figure it out (at least today)-life is too short.

Instead I'll focus on what a gorgeous day it was and for the people I connected to.

I had a good day in spite of little sleep. I'm making friends very, very slowly. I'm grateful for that.

I'm grateful for:




This truck in the yard for some reason

The fountain that I hear outside my window-its sound is soothing

The hummingbird feeder hanging outside my bedroom allowing me to hear the constant whirr of hummingbirds as they arrive to feed.

My holy (wholly?) Kale that the chickens also enjoy

Colors of Autumn

Autumn Colors

Chicken humor


Bird parties


My little buddy who feeds at the feeder

The opportunity for rebirth


Discovering new music I like....


Laurel said...

Beautiful photos, and lovely things to feel grateful for. Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

Hayley-Eszti Szucs said...

A lovely post, I´m grateful for the birds that sing, bird parties!!
Hugs xx