Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Treatment Plan

I had to make a list of what medications/supplements I've been taking because I'm having a little trouble remembering what to take. Once I made the list I realized why!

I have to mention how grateful I am for my M.E. doctor. Without this treatment I would be bedbound.


Nature-throid 32mg (Thyroid)                  
Cytozyme AD   (Adrenals)                        
Ashwaghanda    (Adrenals)                      
Famvir  500mg   (Antiviral HHV-6)                      
Perque Activated B12
DHEA Cream
Ivabradine (Coralen) 5mg  (POTS/Heart Rate) (not sold in US)
Lamictal 25mg (Mood)          
(reduced Lamictal due to money)
Colostrum 1/2 tsp (Immune System)                      
Imunovir 500mg   (Immune Modulator)            (not sold in US)
(should be on higher dose but reduced due to $)

Mimosa Pudica (samples from MD)  Parasites


Valtrex 500mg       (Antiviral-EBV)
Minocycline 100mg  (C. Pneumonia)        
Azithromycin 250mg (C. Pneumonia)
(every Mon & Thu)
Lamictal 25mg                  
Flexeril 10mg   (Muscle Spasms)
(titrating off due to $)
Imunovir 250mg                
(reduced amount due to $)                

(will eventually add in another dose of Mimosa Pudica for Parasites)

HS (Before Bedtime):

Valtrex 500mg                  
Colustrum 1/2 tsp      
DHEA Cream
Cytozyme AD      
Gabapentin 200mg             Sleep/Neuro
(will be reducing due to $)
Clonazepam 1mg                Sleep/Neuro
Prazosin 1mg                      Blood Pressure/Reduces Sympathetic Nervous System Overdrive (has helped with the early morning panic awakening)
Ivabradine 5mg                   Heart/POTS
Liquid Doxepin 4-5 drops  Sleep
Tiny dose of Domperidone Gastroparesis     (not sold in US)

Recently added Na EDTA 3ML for malabsorption (will increase to two times daily after two weeks)



Miralax  1 capful
Prune Juice


Biotene for dry mouth
brush after each meal due to dry mouth
ACT anti-cavity
Electric Toothbrush for more efficient plaque removal
Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth


Therapy (@ $1 per session)
12 Step Program (free and can be supportive/ease isolation)
Gratitude List


Juicing:  Kale, Beets, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and others.
High Protein Veggies:  Caulifower, Broccoli, and others
High Protein Shakes with frozen blueberries/almond milk as well as supplements (NAC, Acetyl l Carnitine/Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium Malate, Quercitin, L-Lysine, Milk Thistle)
Boost Glucose Control for extra calories
Other foods not worth mentioning but I'm focusing on eating/drinking as many superfoods as I can each day.


Lee Lee said...

wow, hahaha ... with all that there must be no room left in your stomach for food! Do you rattle when you walk? LOL


me/cfs warrior said...

Totally! No wonder I don't have much of an appetite. LOL xo

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