Sunday, December 15, 2013

Surprises and Mysteries

Yesterday a package from amazon showed up at my door. I was surprised to see that it was addressed to me. In it were lots of socks!  Because there was no package insert label thing I have no idea who it was from or who to thank!

Later that afternoon I went to check the mail and found another package had arrived. I'd just spent $64 on supplements (Cytozyme AD and Actifolate) so I assumed it was that except it was from a different company. When I opened the package I was surprised to find it contained Mimosa Pudica from Biopure. I have no idea who sent that either. The billing address was True Sun LLC which I don't recognize.

A number of people have my address (including several countries) but I have no idea who they were from. I don't want to send off thank you's and in the process make someone feel bad if they didn't send it yet I don't want to appear ungrateful by not sending a thank you so I thought I'd post in case whomever sent it reads this.

My doctor's office was looking for a source of Mimosa Pudica because Hopkinton Pharmacy has been out of it for months. They sent me free samples before so I'm wondering if it was them. My doctor wants me on this for the next six months.

A big THANK YOU to whomever sent these things! I appreciate both very, very much!

The company for Mimosa Pudica is different than what I used before-it's from Biopure. I took 1/4 teaspoon as recommended on the label and woke up with severe pain in my muscles, joints, back. I have no idea if its herx related or if the pain is completely unrelated.

I'm going to email my doctor tomorrow to find out what it might be. Mimosa Pudica has a wide range of things it targets  (including antiviral, antifungal-mold, etc) so it could be one of several things. I did sleep better last night.

This brand is the brand that the Better Health Guy uses so I know it's a quality brand.

I'm starting to have my usual herx symptoms so I think this is mostly a herx. The pain might simply be part of M.E. I'll not take the second dose tonight to slow things down. My doctor has been firm in maintaining its not good to push through a herx especially given how sick I was from this disease.

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