Tuesday, July 23, 2013


There are a lot of dragonflies in this area. Being a naturally curious person who enjoys research I decided to look them up.   

Throughout my life I've alway been reflective and questioning (years ago someone close to me said it was a Socrates type of questioning).  

Because I'm in the midst of making some major life decisions I've been doing more questioning, meditation, sitting in reverie, listening to Oracles, and waiting to see what emerges. 

This story about dragonflies emerged as a nice parallel to somethings I've been thinking about:

Dragonflies spend much of their early lives underwater. As underwater insects they are known as nymphs, and unlike most pond insects they do not have to come to the surface for air. For most of their lives, nymphs live totally underwater where they are highly successful predators, feeding on anything from leaf litter to small fish. 

During this stage of its life, the nymph goes through a series of "molts"-stages of maturity in which it sheds its skin but still remains a nymph. These stages of the insect's life can last several years and during this time it has no idea whatsoever of what kind of future lies ahead. It is going through a series of hidden mutations. 

Then, one day, all of  a sudden, some sleeping gene deep within is triggered and the nymph does something totally out of character-it finds the stalk of a nearby plant and climbs out of the water.

For the first time in its life the dragonfly tastes air and direct sunlight.

Once the nymph has left the safety of its underwater environment, the sunlight begins to work on it, catalyzing what will be its final "molt". It is at this stage that the true magic occurs, as the advanced creature hidden within the nymph cracks the outer larval skin. Over a period of several hours, four crumpled wings appear and the distinctive slender thorax begins to uncurl. 

The author states "what is of great metaphorical relevance at this stage concerns the element of water. As the emerging dragonfly rises out of the element of water and prepares to be reborn into a new life in the element of air, the water that still lies within its body becomes the key to the transformation process [emphasis mine]". 

Through a process of hydraulics, the water within the nymph's body is pumped into the emerging wings and thorax, casing them to unfurl and spread out for the first time.

In other words the dragonfly assumes its aerodynamic shape by means of the water from its old life. Its in essence reborn.

This water is what drives its mutation from nymph to dragonfly. As soon as all the water is expended and the dragonfly is fully extended, it takes to the air and begins its new life.

The old life has to die in order for the new life to emerge. 

The raw energy of emotions (water) becomes the vehicle for transformation.