Sunday, August 10, 2014

Every Which Way

I'd like to be posting about other things but life issues are getting in the way.  The financial aspect of everything is overwhelming.

My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on Friday. I thought it would be a simple thing of merely giving him a pill with some follow up testing. Nope. It turns out he needs follow up labs every 3 weeks for the first 3-4 months.  If I don't treat him his quality of life will be poor and short and I just can't bear that.  His T4 level was really high and one of his liver enzymes is elevated. It broke my heart to hear it.

The van I bought has all sorts of issues. Brakes, tires, the dash lights don't work. That 72 year old woman will be visited by karma I'm sure. I told her my financial situation and asked repeatedly if she was sure it didn't need any major work.  It's really my fault though. I should have taken it to a mechanic.

I still need my tooth pulled and have set money aside for that. I won't touch that money. I have to wait until after my doctor appt to have it out. I can't afford to get much worse right now. I have enough to just be able to afford the monthly payments as long as I have no other financial issues.

I need to see my ME doctor in order for him to continue prescribing medications which is fair. He's been more than generous to me. I scheduled an appointment for September 5. I just have to figure out how to make the 2 hour trip.

In making my list of symptoms for him so we could do some testing prior to the appointment I realized I'm doing a bit worse than I thought. Quite a bit worse in fact.

I emailed a list of symptoms--a long list so he sent a lab slip back for testing. He wants to test for EBV--thorough testing including a test I'd never heard of before called Chronic Active Infection.

He's also retesting Vitamin D--not to see if my levels are low but because EBV and Vitamin D deficiency are related. T cells which are one of the cells involved with EBV (along with B cells) cleave Vitamin D for some reason that I can't remember.

Along with hormone testing (thyroid, adrenals, progesterone, etc), HHV-6, he's retesting Immunoglobulin subclasses 1-4 again. I'm glad he's doing that. I had low markers for subclasses 1 and 3. My doctor said it needed to be treated--ideally with IVIG but it's too expensive given I have Medicare.

I'm having a lot of shortness of breath, some balance issues, drastic increase in fatigue, swollen painful lymph nodes, burning eyes, pain behind my right eye, sensitivity to light at times. swelling in my left foot,  the regular 24/7 Tinnitus, and more. I've become 70% housebound.

If my kitty didn't need such close monitoring right now and if my van didn't need safety work such as brakes and tires, I'd be out trying a mold sabbatical. Everyone I know who has tried it has had significant improvement.

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